Friday, July 22, 2011

41° 45′ 46.8″ N, 22° 53′ 16.8″ E 41.763, 22.888 or Where the wild things are

At the base of this mountain there is a small village...
It is my village :)
Small and quiet where everyone knows everyone else...sometimes it is quieter than you really need, especially in winter. It is a very safe place to live. People are friendly. Kids are nice and well behaved. And the nature... Nature around is great!
Imagine the colorful view in the west, the cool evening breeze and the smell of cherries in the air. You have a nice book in your hands, your dog is here, sleeping at your feet, and your coffee is waiting for you...It is just awesome! Quiet and relaxing!
Sometimes I feel like fish in a bowl but I still love it !

Here are some photos of the place where the wild things are in every season! Hope you will like it! :)

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