Thursday, April 14, 2011

Delete everybit

People are constantly purchasing new technological and electronic devices and getting rid of old ones.

Permanent Data Destruction: Residual data has become a big problem for personal and corporate users. No one wants confidential and private data floating in the public arena. Usually, data storage devices and PCS store:

Financial documents

Legal documents

Medical records

Confidential company information


Web activity which includes url and search history with all web pages and images viewed

In order to maintain privacy, people go through tremendous lengths to destroy data permanently with no residue. These may include exposing the data storage device to extreme volatile temperatures. Some users engage in the physical destruction of the data storage device. The methods range from throwing it from a height to allowing pets to chew the device. In other cases, hammers and physical blunt instruments are used to break the device. Some people drill holes into the device and render it useless.

The logic is that when the source of the data is destroyed, there can be no danger of residual data and data invasion. In other cases, entire PCs are subjected to physical brutality. The internal hard drive is removed and smashed. But, nowadays, sophisticated means for permanent data removal are available in the market.

The PlexEraser PX-OE100E: Developed by the data storage specialist company of Plextor, this product is a simple and easy way to permanently destroy all types of data. The PlexEraser is an external optical drive which is hooked up to the computer in question. PlexEraser zaps the organic layer of the interior of the hard drive destroying all data. However, questions have been raised as to its effectiveness. IT experts hold that the product does not permanently erase the data. It merely reduces it to a miniscule amount in an invisible magnetic format.

Destroy-It Pro: It is being described as a software which can forensically remove data from PCs and laptops. The software can be categorised into two types:

Permanent removal of selected data

The disk sanitiser utility of the software which permanently removes all data including programsand operating systems from one or more hard drives.


Permanent Destruction of All Data

Personal files and folders

Internet and other graphic images

Recycle bin contents

All free space containing deleted files, emails and images

User-friendly: A novice user can also use the software simply by following the instructions given. The user can add files or folders to the list by dragging and dropping them. The user can also choose to use the ‘add files’ or ‘Add folders’ commands.

Safe: The software is safe to use guaranteeing permanent data destruction. It follows a non-reversible destruction mode. This means that accidental deletions are impossible. The user also has the ability to restrict user entry with the method of password protection. The software is completely safe and reliable.

Flexible Destruction Methods: The software also provides the user the option to determine the method of destruction. The user can either go in for selected data destruction allowing only certain data files and programs to be destroyed forever. The user can opt for the permanent destruction of all data. Usually, large corporations go in for the latter method.

Ultimate Free Drive Space Destruction: The software is equipped with the ‘drive zapper’ function. This utility has the capacity to destroy all free space on a floppy without changing or affecting any other applications including other data.

Drive Erase Pro: The software erases all data on a hard disk drive. The software allows a user to permanently destroy selected data files and folders. It can also be used to restore a system after a virus or spyware damage. Drive Erase Pro software also allows destruction of partitions including unused space or whole drives. The software comes equipped with an inbuilt ‘disk viewer’ utility which allows a user to confirm that all data has been deleted.

The software package also includes a boot CD-ROM for 100% hard disk erasing. This allows the user to choose from seven data destruction functions. The software is compatible with all Windows drives. The software compatibility is calculated regardless of size and interface. It allows users the luxury to wipe multiple PCs as many times as they wish. The software also features the ‘SurfSecret Privacy Protector’ which permanently erases Internet surfing tracks.

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